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Bringing the Helms, Pile, Monago and Monti families together in one place.

Israel Helms (est 1818 to 1892)

I'll leave the picture up of Israel Helms, but it's actually his father-in-law Samuel Russell that I'm interested in. The very little that I know of Samuel is that he died on 7 Aug 1833 in Sharpsburg, Maryland. His wife Elizabeth (Ground) Russell was born sometime around 1780, so we may guess that he was about 55 when he passed away. Other than this scant bit of information, I don't know anything about him.


Welcome to the Helms family genealogy pages! You'll find a lot more than just dead Helms family members here, though. This page includes members of the Monago, Coffey, Erdman, Pile, Monti, Smith, Wahl families ... and many others.

My Helms family ancestors were among the first settlers along the Delaware River. Perhaps the most well known is Israel Helm, who even has his own Wikipedia page. Israel and his father Åke Israelsson are thought to have come to america around 1640.

Brick Walls

Every genealogist has brick walls (people whose parents have not yet been identified). Here is a quick list of my current brick wall ancestors that I'm working hard to understand better. Note that they are all great-great-great-grandmothers; sadly, women from this era (born in the first half of the 19th century) are often difficult to research:

Jacob Schick (1858 - 1929)

Jacob Schick (1858 - 1929) is my great-great grandfather. His parents, David Schick and Frances Catharine (Armour) Schick are the furthest back I've been able to take my Schick line back, and they're my current genealogy brick wall.

Born in Pennsylvania (probably Philadelphia) in 1858, Jacob had a colorful career as a hotelier and a state house representative—a representative that wasn't afraid to brawl with his opponents, as one newspaper recounted.

He died in Philadelphia in 1929 and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon.